regional federations

Regional Federations are recognized by the IWF in accordance with the International Weightlifting Federation’s Constitution and Rules (in effect as of August 31, 2021 and amended at the IWF Special Congress on January 30, 2022.).

They are listed in Appendix B of the IWF Constitution; there are 15 in total, with 7 pertaining to the continent of Europe.

The following items are related to Regional federations, according to the IWF Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations (including TCRR Modifications as of 01 January 2020):, 5.4.1, 5.4.3, 8.7, Regulations to 5.1 IWF Events ( b) NON-QUALIFYING EVENTS), and Regulations to 5.2 World Championships (6.13.5).

Some Regional Federations are associated with the continent of Europe.

They are not members of the European Weightlifting Federation, but the EWF strongly supports and values their efforts.

regional federations

Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation

European Small Nations Weightlifting Federation

European Union Weightlifting Federation

Mediterranean Weightlifting Federation

Nordic Weightlifting Federation

Francophone Weightlifting Federation

River Sava Weightlifting Federation