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The Last Of Us HBO Showrunner Craig Mazin Says 4 Seasons ‘Sounds Like A Good Number’

Craig Mazin, the showrunner for The Last of Us’ HBO series, has suggested that the post-apocalyptic drama could run for as many as four seasons, although it all depends on how the story progresses.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Mazin revealed that four seasons is ‘a good number’ while discussing the topic of a budget increase for The Last of Us Season Two.

There’s always a budget bump, and then there’s a discussion about why it’s not enough of a budget bump. For as long as I’ve been doing this, I have never, ever, not once, been in a situation where I was like, ‘What I need is this,’ and they’re like, ‘OK!’ It eventually gets to this (holds hands at same level), so I’m not concerned about that.

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Even if we have a principal debate about what is required to execute a second season, a third season, a fourth season, what I always know is that they are always working in good faith and appreciate the creative value of the show.

Mazin was then asked if four seasons was planned out by Naught Dog’s Neil Druckmann and himself as part of the overall visions for the show, to which he replied:

I was aware that I mentioned that. You never know. It can end up being three or five. But four seems like a good number. Some seasons, because of the story we’re telling, will need fewer episodes and some will need more.

Speaking in the same interview, Mazin indicated that the actress for Abby has already been chosen, although an official announcement for the casting hasn’t been announced yet. The Last of Us HBO is currently in production for its second season, but with WGA strike, there’s no word yet on when it will air.

[Source – The Hollywood Reporter]