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PS5 Sold Three Times More In First Half Of 2023 Than It Did Last Year In Germany

PS5‘s fortunes seem to be taking a significant shot in the arm thanks to the recent price cut and stock availability, with the console having sold three times as many units in Germany during the first half of 2023 than it managed last year.

Sony’s latest home console launched in November 2020 in the US, UK, Europe and other major regions, but was met with major stock shortages for around two years due to supply constraints brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, problems were exacerbated by the influx of scalpers who purchased what little stock retailers managed to receive, before charging exorbitant prices for PS5s on the web.

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However, the PS5 is now readily available in most territories, and a temporary price cut has seen a major spike in sales in areas such as the UK. Specifically, July saw year-on-year sales for the system jump 68%, and on August 1 GfK data revealed that the price cut saw overall sales spike 75%. Sony also announced recently that the PS5 has now shipped 40 million units worldwide.