Firewall Ultra Firewall Ultra Release Date First Contact Entertainment PSVR 2

Firewall Ultra Release Date Set For August 24, Preorder Details Confirmed

First Contact Entertainment has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Firewall Ultra will launch for PSVR 2 on August 24, 2023.

The sequel to 2018’s PSVR shooter, Firewall Ultra brings with it new enhancements including eye tracking, which allows you to avoid the blinding light of a flashlight by closing your eyes, or closing your non-dominant eye to aim down the sights of your weapon.

Meanwhile, the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers further add a new layer of immersion to the proceedings, with adaptive triggers allowing you to feel the level of resistance in your weapons. Haptic feedback will also reward you with a solid kick as you fire a powerful weapon such as the shotgun, making you feel part of the gun battle.

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As for preorders, you can choose between the Firewall Ultra Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition. Preorders will receive the legendary weapon Reaper X75, which is included for both versions of the game.

However, preordering the Digital Deluxe Edition will allow you to unlock four of the game’s contractors early — Meiko, Skip, Fang, and Node.

Firewall Ultra launches on August 24 for PSVR 2.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]